Sunday, January 9, 2011

What's this blog?

Back in 2009, I started a category on my personal blog, called "Architect Things". They covered some of the every-day problems I faced while working on a project. This is the continuation of that project

Who's this guy?

My name is Adam Nemeth. I'm a software engineer MSc. You can see my CV at LinkedIn. Usually I run under the name @aadaam (which is both my twitter and facebook account)

My main field of interest is applying software engineering theories in real-life situations. Normally, I'm at the frontend side (where the users are), and using dynamic languages, like JavaScript, PHP or Python, which makes my adventures a bit more weird.

Nonetheless, UML doesn't care about which language will you implement in, nor do real principles. In fact, it's a good test for them to check wether they're that universal :)

As you've probably guessed, in the last few years, I was doing software development teamleading, and large scale software design for large companies.

What could I expect here?

High-level thoughts on software engineering, including, but not limited to real-life modeling practices, architectural and design patterns, and some general ideas which are not directly about implementation. There are too many people speaking just about those...

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